Healthcare Industry

Workaholic Healthwear solutions help enhance your professional image, improve the safety and cleanliness of your medical facility, and support your infection control efforts. We help you choose the work medical clothing and workwear that's right for your employees and the various jobs they perform. We understand the needs of the healthcare industry better than anybody having worked with some of the leading hospitals in the country and we provide solutions that apart from serving the functional needs of the industry, also stands out in terms of garment design and construction providing the much needed aesthetic appeal to professionals who are dedicated to saving lives, so they can present a crisp and clean image.

Our customers include hospitals, healthcare organizations, and private practices. So whether you're a national operator with a dispersed geographical footprint or an independent private practice, you can rely on UniFirst for quality medical staff uniforms, laundering, patient apparel, and facility services.

  • Hospital uniforms
  • Lab uniforms
  • Medical office uniforms
  • Doctors coats & scrubs
  • Nursing home uniforms
  • Dental lab uniforms
  • Physical therapist uniforms
  • Ambulance & EMT uniforms
  • Medical cleaning supplies
Healthcare Industry